PelicanSecure | Sanctions Screening

The expansion of global watchlists and a tightening regulatory framework creates many challenges for organisations. The need to rapidly adhere to regulatory directives and updated Sanctions lists across all business lines and territories can be burdensome and complex, with serious financial and reputational consequences for non-compliance.
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PelicanSecure | Trade Based Money Laundering

The Pelican Trade Compliance Platform provides a complete end-to-end trade  transaction cycle monitoring solution,  leveraging the AI discipline of Natural  Language Processing (NLP) to derive  meaning and understanding across all trade instruments and messages - dramatically  improving efficiencies and tackling Trade Based Money Laundering.
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PelicanSecure | Anti Money Laundering

The Pelican AML Transaction Monitoring (AML-TM) solution is able to meet today’s rapidly evolving global AML challenges.
It can support all your Real-Time AML compliance obligations across all business lines in different geographies. The system analyses KYC data to assess customer risk, then detects customer and account behavioural patterns which may indicate suspicious activity.
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PelicanSecure | Payments Fraud

The threat landscape for global payments has grown in reach, volume and complexity.  Recent breaches across correspondent banking networks highlight the  ever increasing threat of payments crime and the particular vulnerabilities to High Value, Real-Time Gross Settlement and Wire payments. The adoption of instant payment schemes and Open Banking environments present further
fraud prevention challenges.
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